How do I deal with the OVERPROTECTIVE family of my date?

So I am planning a date with a younger woman that I met from OKcupid. She is the kind of person who has never been a date before, so I wanted to make it special for her.

Now I'm hearing that she is hesitant about explaining to her folks how we met. I tell her that she is an adult and that she does not need permission to go out, but she is apparently quite family oriented. She has not experienced much and she is quite submissive.

I fear that if I attempt to go and do this date, because of family (and the ways of the protection of family) something may go wrong. Obviously I don't want that to happen.

What exactly am I supposed to do? Go introduce myself an allow her family to be nosy, ask me a bunch of questions and control what she or I do? Don't allow them to speak to me at all until later? OR inversely... What if I were to make an effort to speak with the head of household (I think it's her grandmother) and let her know that we were going on a date tomorrow and I wanted to introduce myself before coming to the residence to pick her up because I know that she is very protective of her grand daughter? To show a sign of a respect and all that.

I have no right idea.


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  • You go meet her family before you go anywhere. You meet her dad. He lectured you and asks questions. Her mom will probably be all smiles. Not intimidating at all. Say hi to everyone else. Turn to her and ask if she's ready to go. You leave. You bring her back on time and shake her dad's hand and say "thank you for trusting me with your daughter. It means a lot"


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  • If you meat the family be polite, answer all of there questions with the answer they want to hear and don't give them any reason to dislike you

  • Try to understand her, it's so hard for her. I have been in her situation. The best thing you should do is to talk to her parents or grandparents, introduce yourself and demostrate that you are a good person and you deserve to date their daughter or granddaughter.
    Go on.


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