Whats wrong with him so confusing? please need advice?

ened to him? need advice?
there is that guy that was after me , i didn't like him in the beginning but after that i thought he might me nice, so i asked him clearly if he likes the way i am and that later he shall not complain that im boring so because im a shy i told him that : He was ok with it , he was textin me calling me over his place then suddenly he stopped contacting me we didn't talk for a week , im really angry because i told him in the beginning if he doesn't like me he should tell me so i won't get hurt.
My cousin asked him if he likes me he said yes but the problem is that i don't talk a lot , my cousin told me everything she said to him that if he doesn't want me he should say it to her , he said no he doesn't want to loose me , so i wanted to talk to him about it because he is confusing me i mean if he don't like me he should tell me. so i was waiting for him to see me but nothing!!! so i got fed up i texted him today and said:

ME: Hey, you ok? i want to talk to you today let me know whenever you are free

HIM: Yeah , im fine thanks, how are you? i come and talk to you soon x

ME: ok text me when you free ,,, and yh im ok thanks x

HIM: Good :-) x
so shall i wait for him to text me to talk? i want to ask him where im standing with him this is not fair to me , he should off told me long time ago that he not into me ,,,,,,
im angry because i was hurt by one guy before and swore i will never want someone else , so this guy was
telling me that i was the only girl he wants , i told him about my past , i used to tell him i don't want anyone then i started liking him he doesn't know!! now he changed do you think i have the right to con
shall i wait for him to text me when he is free?
im just seating at home for day not knowing where im standing with him he is saying this and does something else ,,,, i said to him over text once if you don't like me tell me s
: so im not wasting my time , no reply so im confused


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  • He knows your shy so doesn't want to talk you to death, he just playing it easy and slow, he doesn't want to scare you off. And looks like he sent the last message. sometimes people don't think you've read the last text until you text them back. This may take a lot of guts but ask him to lunch or coffee , that is the definite give away that you like him and he can admit his feelings in front of you.