A guy admires me, respects me, sometimes show care, looks at me secretly but dont know if he likes me or not.. please tell me?

I have been studying in a university since 1 year now. I have a classfellow who is reserved. Initially he never had a good impact about me but I initiated to talk with him and then i heard from a group of his friends, he says i am the best girl in the class. I shared a little bit of my broken family issues with him and he listened to me and advised me few things. He thrice said to me I am very innocent. Then on my birthday he said to me "always keep smiling and happy birthday" and his words really made me feel good. I had been helping this guy in making his little assignments or making his CV or cover letter for job. I saw him many times looking at me when I am not looking. Like i saw him from the corner of my eyes many times, and i found him looking at me. He often tells me I am a good natured person and i have a very pure heart. Da day I had my presentation, i received a text from him "good luck fr ur presentation.. i may miss it as its my job interview today so i can't take class but my best wishes r wd u" then at night i texted him "how ws ur job interview" after a while late night i received his call and he began to share with me about how did his all interview go and he seemed very happier. And i often observe this guy to b looking at me weneva im sitting wid my friends n if he is passing by, i mean he always sees me and many times I found him looking at me when I am not looking at him. And wen i caught him, i see him looking immediately away. that day he saw me in my new hairstyle and gave me a compliment. i had a little toe fracture. Wen i ws in hosp for an xray i texted him "too dificult to walk" he texted me "whoz wd u?" then my stick once fell frm stairs, he heard da sound, he rushed bak to corridor with a worrying face n said "u scared me!" Then he saw my pic which makeup he said this phrase "simplicity is beauty but smtyms makeup enhances beauty" He has not spoken to me anything about his likeness (if he has) but i am in doubt he has some liking for me.


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  • Sounds like he maybe interested.


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