Ok I got her number but...

so this girl and I talk once on Facebook chat and had a good conversation for and hour or so, and soon after, I get her number, I sent her a text but no reply. I sent another and still no reply

i was told that if a girl gives you their number there is some interest.

or is she not good with returning messages?

or is she just waiting for me to actually call her? lol


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  • Some people who interact on the internet will act as though they want to take something into reality, but when they get confronted by it, and it becomes real, they realize they didn't want to do that and become regretful or embarassed.

    And then they are too afraid to contact the person.

    Still, there are some that just like to play games.

    I'd say back off, maybe reconnect on Facebook later if you're really interested.

    No point looking desperate just because you want confirmation of contact.

  • call her...it won't hurt anything if you do.