Just friends or... just confused?

I have known this boy for awhile. We met in elementary school and I am now 23. We were always friends but never best friends. After high school I stayed near our hometown for school and he went to the naval academy. After high school we stayed in touch getting coffee, having lunch etc. (He always paid). My school infatuations turned into a full blown crush which as only grown each time I hung out with him. Recently I visited a friend that lives in the same area as he does. I texted him asking if he would like to meet up and he asked if I wanted to go out to dinner. He drove an hour from his home to pick me up, he then drove another half and hour to dinner. We went to very nice restaurant and had dinner and shared dessert. We then went for drinks afterward to one of his favorite pubs. (He payed for all of this.) I would range he spent at lease $100. We spent around 4 hours together. We laughed and jokes and flirted (at least from my end). We walked around and he recited poetry to me that he had memorized (sounds kitschy but if you knew him then it would seem ok). After the night, he didn't make a move he just hugged me goodbye when he dropped me off. Being frustrated and disappointed I called him the next night and asked him if it was a date and if he had more in mind or just friends and he replied “I’mmmmmm deeeeeeefinetly a friend guy. I was just excited to see you.” I tried to hide my disappointment and said that I was just trying to clear up any confusion. He then asked me about my day and we talked for a little while longer and then to end the conversations he said that he would be home in September and that he would let me know when he was in town. So my questions is…Did he really have date in mind and just got scared or does he just not know how to be friends with a girl?


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  • It sounds like to me that he doesn't have that much experience with dating girls. Or he could had been hurt very badly by a girl and that could be another reason for him only wanting to be friends. Another reason could be that he doesn't want to mess up with you and him have. Let's just say if you and him did date and become exclusive then lets say if it was a bad break up. Then not only you loose a boyfriend but you also loose your long time friend as well. But I do kind of sense he does like you. You guys flirt, hang out and have fun. He payed for everything which would make me think it was a date because he didn't split the bill. But I think it's good that he payed for everything. It shows how much he enjoys seeing you and spending time with you. He also did all of that riding to. I think your special to him and I think he just enjoys having you in his life. But it did seem like a date to me. Lol


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