How to break into the dating world with extremely special circumstances?

I'm a 18 year old entrepreneur (net worth well into the 7+ figure range) and am currently enrolled in a top tier college. The past 6 years of my life have been completely devoted to both my company and education and I have missed out on a lot of the social growth aspects of the teenage years. I've never had a girlfriend and have certainly never kissed a girl or done anything more intimate. My work peers are 2-3 times my age, however I'm hoping school will be a optimal time to start engaging in the dating scene. I'm looking for some best ways to do so, keeping in mind I have no exposure to how this is done. I also have no idea how to flirt nor network in a non-professional matter. I also request tips on how to avoid my professional success and wealth from becoming a crucial part of the relationship. Thank you, I greatly appreciate the guidance.


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  • First off, congratulations on your success. Definitely down play that unless you're ok with people using you for your money, and I mean dating as well as friends.

    That being said... even though you may not financially need to live in a dorm, I would recommend it. It will give you an opportunity to make new friends. And from experience, that is where some crazy fun happens. If you want a break from the "adult" world and want to live like a silly teenager... live on campus! It's a great way to meet girls too! Gook luck to you!


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