Drinks or dinner after meeting at a work party?

Hi, my work had a small party the other night and I met this girl from a different store who we went out after to a bar with one of her friends as well (they didn't know anyone else), got to know a bit about her but was drinking a fair amount so somewhat of a blur!!

She gave me a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night (her friend was waiting to go so had to be quick) and I texted her the day after.

I'm going to ask to meet again, but do I ask to go for drinks or dinner?

I don't know her that well so thinking drinks is more casual, but don't want her to think I'm not trying hard enough. Opinions please!!

I'm 20 and she's 17.

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  • for dinner is sweeter, i would assume the guy genuinely cares to get to know me. You could also keep it more casual saying can i take you out for coffee, or lunch. then maybe dinner the next time. but you can feel what is best.


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