Is it possible that two people dating get back to each other after breaking up twice in a bad way?

Like you and bf or gf break up first time in a very bad way (accusations of not caring, etc.). He or she contacts you like 3 months later and you are still broken-hearted, so you just say you don't want them to get in touch because you don't want to suffer again.

I am ready to date someone else but I can't help thinking of him sometimes.

I am not hoping we go back to each other, but if it happens and he fixes his mistakes I can be happy to be with him

we had a lot of chemistry and affinity. I miss his hugs. But I know it's life.

Any ideas?

I still have feelings for him, though I am


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  • On this type of situations is fine as long as you both work out your differences by talking. Communication is an important key to a relationship. :)

    • Thank you for your answer:)

      He is a bad communicator. I like to talk about issues but he had been pretty good in avoiding it.

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    • Thank you again. Yes, my mind tells me not to waste any more time with pain. It's just I cannot control thinking of him sometimes :(

    • Thanks for MH. I wish you the best!:)

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  • Face it. You're not meant for each other. Cut your losses and move on.

  • Have you thought about being just friends with the guy

    • I don't think I can be friends with a man I loved, especially that I still have some emotions for him. I don't see how it can benefit me or anyone.

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