How does this make any sense? help?

my ex broke up with me about a month ago. i asked him why , he says he can't juggle uni work firends and me at the same time and rather see me hurt now than later on. i asked him if he was satisfied with this relationship, he said he was but he just doesn't want one right now.

how does this make any sense at all?


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  • Well if you look at it, out of school, work, friends, and you, what can he give up at all? The only things he can give up are you and friends. He chose to give up you. If it were me, I would have chosen to give up friends but each to their own.

    • fair enough but then again there's always the bro code 'bros before hoes'

    • Yeah that does exist for some guys. Usually the young guys that are in between high school boys and grown ups. Personally, I could take or leave my guy friends. They are a pain in the ass more often than not and honestly, I would rather hang out and do things with my girl than my guy friends anyday. Its been a few months since I have talked to any of my guy friends so that show how important they are to me. So it doesn't work for all guys.

    • i guess yeah, fair enough

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  • If he doesn't have enough time to handle school, work, friends, and a girlfriend simultaneously, he has to give something up. He's concerned that you'll just be hurt worse later, if he doesn't give you up now, so he feels it's better to break up. He might not be saying that he was unhappy with your relationship, but just that he simply isn't capable of maintaining it at the moment. Hopefully that made sense?

    I'm sorry that happened, though. :(

    • yeah that makes sense, dont be sorry haha

  • He is saying i don't want to be in a relationship with you in a nicer way. At least he did not do the disappearing act or whatever guys do to break up with their gf

    • reality hits hard aye haha im also supose to be meeting with him this week but he hasn't replied lol - he was the one that suggested it in the first place

    • although when we broke up, he was all like 'i dunno... i don't know what to do...' and he was like trying to fix tings like what if we did this what if we did that.. but then gave up and started crying

    • In the end he gave up. I mean if he really want to make it work he will not break up with you in the first place.

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