What Should I do? I think she likes me And I know I like her?

Hi so I am talking to this girl who I really like and I have spoken to her once about us being a couple but she never really responded to that like literally nothing she went silent, I thought this meant no but it didn't stop me from liking her and now whenever we talk we talk like we are going out but we aren't and she keeps saying really nice things in the sense of like what a girlfriend would say.

We are only able to communicate over Skype due to her living in a different country but that doesn't bother me I ma happy to have a internet relationship but I am not sure about her.

We talk for about 8-10 hours every night and I do honestly love her to bits I am going to go see her for her birthday as I would like to get to meet this girl I love.

I would also like to mention somethings that confuse me is what she says to me so here are some examples:

"I love you xx" - Which I understand can me a variety of things

"I want to snuggle with you"

she quoted a song and said this is how I feel about you and this is what the song she quoted said "I had a dream the other night, about how we only get one life, woke me up right after two stayed awake and stared at you so I wouldn't lose my mind, and I had the week that came from hell And yes I know that you can tell but you're like the net under the ledge
But I go flying off the edge, you go flying off as well, and if you only die once I wanna die with you."

I just don't know what all this means please Help because I do not want to make a mistake.

She asked whether I would like to stay around hers whilst I am on holiday and she sends me pictures on snapchat of other couples and writes stuff like us in a few months and stuff like that I hope that she is just waiting to be ask out by me


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  • I think she's coming to like you but maybe she's just confused about how she feels about this. I mean it may be easy for you to have a long-distance realationship but maybe not for her? Anyway if you really want to know you should tell her how YOU think about her and what you want out of all this


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  • Sounds like she does like you but maybe she's not ready for a relationship, or maybe she just wants to meet you before going out with you. She would probably prefer you to ask her out because a lot of girls don't like asking out guys. Either way, wait until you see her. It should be clearer when you can actually make physical contact.

  • its so sweet! she clearly enjoys your company: physically and mentally, so I say ask her out! best of luck!


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