Is this normal? (sorry if this is a little long)

I have been hanging out with a guy and he is a nice guy. We have a laugh and a good time. It all depends on what mood he is. We met through our other friends and started hanging out. I'm quite bad with timing so the first couple if times we met up I arrived quite late. This ticked him off and he growled at me for a while but then we just forget about it and enjoy the rest of our time together. I understand why he gets annoyed at my lateness and that's my problem to work on. I was just quite shocked when I decided to go to his place for a cooking evening and I came a little late. I told him I would be but he was so frantic about turning up exact on time. He became really anxious and had a go at me, I mean he looks so upset and confused. It took me ages to talk to him and calm him down. The other day I agreed to sit next to him during a lecture. He saved a seat for me so when I got there I'll join him. On my way to the lecture I bummed into one of my friends who was lost and couldn't find the way. I walked with them to the lecture. When we got there it had started and the room was full so we just sat at the back, I didn't want to get in everyone's way. I texted 'k' to tell him I'll meet him after, cause that's what I usually do when I can't find my friends in a crowd. He texted me directing me where he was, and kept on telling me to hurry and sit next to him. It was persistent and he kept saying he was feeling anxious. It was like he was yelling at me. I told him just to wait until after but he was just ongoing. At the end of the lecture I went to find him and when he saw me, he looked mad and just walked past me. I had to chase him and ask him what was wrong and he looked so mad and somewhat heartbroken. I'm so confused. It took a while for me to calm him down and he later hung out with me and my friends. He likes me and is becoming more keen but I'm just so confused about his behaviour. If he is not upset we have a good time but he is always in some mood.


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  • Technically, you need to show him some respect and be punctual. But for him to get angry at what I perceive to be a minor thing is troubling Does he have anger issues. I mean I know that he's like this when you're late but does he over react when it comes to other things?

    • Yh he over reacts if something does not go to plan or if he can't arrive somewhere exactly on time. I told him acts as if were hanging with another guy. He just gets way to over the top. I know sometimes it's my fault but I don't know if this is normal behaviour

    • A perfectionist it seems.

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