Is it bad that you like someone but you don't want a future with them?

I like this guy and he likes me. He's 27 and I'm 19. I don't know what he wants in the future but by the sounds of it he's pretty serious about us. I dont want to date him because I'm scared of what my family would think, he has a kid as well. He's not the type of person I would want to bring home to meet my parents. Is this bad?


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  • Its not "bad" per say, but it sounds like you two are in way different places in life. They say age doesn't matter... but at a point it does.

    You're only 19, you're way too young to settle for someone who already has a kid. He is older, has a kid, and is looking for some solid ground under his feet. You are young and looking to take risks and explore the world.

    I would say date him for as long as it is fun, but that would be pretty mean to him, because he is looking for something that will last. If you care about him, let him find someone who wants what he does.


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  • nothing bad at all. maybe you dont really love that person as ideally as you feel your love could extend to. i've had a lot of cousin who have told me in the past that they didn't felt like they were with their "ideal partner in life" when they were with person they were with at that time. and they were even living and had children with them and all. so no its not bad. but just remember that this mentality is subject to change in the future


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  • Just don't date him if you are ashame of him. Give him the chance to meet someone who is deserving of his love and time.

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