Is age a big deal to guys?

we were texting and he asked my age and it turns out I'm about a year older then him and after he found out he seemed different ...we usually till like 2 in the morning but this time we stopped at 12:30 and he usually says talk to you later today or text you later but this last time he didn' it because he doesn't like that I'm older then him


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  • It doesn't matter to the scobey's lol but sum people don't know before they really fall for the person and they can't help it but for me it is a big deal. I definitely won't mess with anybody underage and I usually keep it at 2 years older ir 2 years younger but I'll make exceptions for sum of the hot 25 26 years olds lol.


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  • Na it doesn't bother me one bit, haha I actually am more attracted to older girls cause they're more mature. But some guys have a problem with it, or feel imtimidated.


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  • good question!, the same thing I have been wondering!. Due to maturity issues and the way that older men behave in relationships, I prefer older guys so I typically end up dating 30 year olds and I have dated some a tiny bit older than 30 but one of them was much older than that and I got the feeling that he didn't like the looks we used to get from people or the idea of dating someone considerably younger than him. All the guys I date are single and haven't been married nor have children and typically have amazing jobs, so it's not like that would be a factor, but I have always asked myself that

    • Exactly and I just find it odd that I'm interested in a guy younger than me because I usually like older guys too.....i don't know its just after he found out I was older then him he didn't seem the same.

    • A year shouldn't be that much of an issue, specially if the guy is the younger one, I'd think that he's totally fly to "land" someone older but I have to be honest and once there was this guy that I really liked but he was a year younger and I never took him seriously... so I guess it depends on the guy.. . but still if I were a guy I'd still feel super fly to have just landed someone older...