What is she doing? What's the point?

So this girl I dated a few times, last time we where out she said she was confused, honestly I hate dealing with that. She said if we could be friends for now. I know what that means, or it could mean. So I just stopped calling her and texting her and just not even liking her instagram pics. Now it's been over a week and she has not liked any of my pics not texted and just whent ghost, is she trying to get attention?

I forgot to mention that she was talking to another guy, and she liked him too.


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  • You were the one who started it... if she just wanted to be friends, you should have respected her and treated her like a friend. Instead, you acted like an ass and started to ignore her.

    • How am I being an ass? How do woman expect for a man that likes you to jus say ohhh yes let me be your friend until you get your head straight! How is that fair for me? I like her so why stay around if she's not sure about us?

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    • I wasn't ignoring her because at no moment she tried to contact, I just wanted to put distance in between what's so wrong with that? She's the one that has gone ghost not me, I still post pics and whatever she hasn't posted nothing is over a week. She could contact if she cared but she hasn't so that shows a lot.

    • Obviously, this is what happened: YOU PUT DISTANCE SO SHE'S LETTING YOU HAVE YOUR DISTANCE. She's probably thinking that you not contacting her means that you don't care. If I were her, I wouldn't want to date a paranoid ass like you either.

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  • she is just doing what you started first...

  • Your doing the same thing to her if you want to be more then friends with her let her know, if you can't deal with just being friends with her cut your ties no need for drama.

  • You went ghost on her first. You can't expect her to chase you if you don't show her any intent.


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