How do you know if a guy likes you if you're texting?

This guy im talking to is flirty and funny when we text, its never boring. If we end the conversation {by saying goodnight instead of just falling asleep and picking it back up in the morning} he may not text me again for 2-3 days but when he does it's the same, flirty nice conversation.

Is he into me or not?


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  • We are simple just ask but make it sound nice and flirty

  • You'll honestly never know until you ask him... me and my girlfriend used to be best friends because we would always flirt and never ask. It was a relief when I finally asked because I truly knew, but in your situation if he says no its not the end of the world speaking from a guys "point of view" he will most likely forgive and forget after everything is said and done. I hope this helps :)

    • Thank you, but how do you ask without being seeming desperate? Im just scared of being embarrassed and rejected. My best friend and his best friend are dating and they introduced us so we run in the same circles.. It be hard to escape the feeling of embarrassment. But thanks again :)

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