Telling me he is single? Asking about my dating situation?

I am very fond of a guy that I both work and am friends with.
We have known each other for three years. He is not as close to other works as he is to me.
He reveals more information to me, contacts me out of work, introduces me to his friends and comes to me (sometimes) for support. As do I in return.
There has always been something between us, especially in the last 6 months. We both flirt a lot.
I am no sure if he is aware of the bond, as I only became aware of it when i was overseas last year.

He has been casually (stressing the casual) dating a girl all year.

Out of nowhere he came up to me at work and asked "now that you are on holidays from university, what are you doing about your dating life"
I replied, well now I'm free to pursue things. (Working 40 hour weeks/over-loading at uni left no time)
A few conversations later he says "I am now on the streets, the casual relationship i had is over finite.

He mentioned to me a few weeks ago "I only tell people things if they ask (to do with his love life," this is one thing he often hides from me.)

So do you think he is implying something between us.
Or was he just trying to bring up conversation?


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  • If he is asking about your dating situation he wants to date you.


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