How would a guy like to be turned down?

SO when I meet my friends guy friends they sometimes hit on me and sometimes we exchange numbers. I don't flirt from the start if I am not in to them, but I do talk to them just like I would talk to my friends. So when they text how do I make it a point that I am not in to them? like short answers? but than that's rude, when they flirt over text I have no answer to their flirt so its rude if I don't answer, and I don't want to flat out say hey I am not interested stop texting me b.c. I will be going out again and they will most likely be there


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  • as long as a gir isn't a total bitch about it then it doesn't bother me to much. I knew a girl that was a close friend of mine, and I finally told her that I had feelings for her and thought we should give it a try. she turned me down, but she ended our friendship. wouldn't see or speak to me ever again. and I didn't do anything wrong. so girls that act like that about it can kiss my ass.

    but to answer your question just be subtle about it. something along the lines of " look you're my friend so I can be honest with you. I've never felt that way about you. sure, you're cute and all, you have a lot of good qualities. and I don't wanna hurt your feelings , but understand that your feelings are one sided. I won't let this effect our friendship, and I hope you don't either". just anything to let him down easy ya know. trust me, it makes it a lot easier for the guy if you don't let it make either of you feel akward. most guys would much rather have the girl as a friend than to not have them in their life at all. that's just my opinion. but I typically fall for the girls that I was friends with first, not some random bar girl that just says "p*ss off loser !". ya know. so every guy is different but it never hurts to be gentle about letting him down. that's my opinion. not sure if most guys would agree with me, but I hope I was able to help. best of luck : )


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  • Perhaps by flirting back, but with a negative twist. That way it is funny, tells him he isn't in consideration, and it won't cut him down.

    Example responses to flirty pickups:

    "I would love to, but my father would twist you into a pretzel later after I told him about it."

    "Hmmm... I only like guys who can take what they want to dish out; by the way, want to see my favorite dildo: "Big Jake"? Its 12 inches long and spins!"

    "Well, thing is, I believe in sacrificial love... how up to date are you on the Aztecs?"

    But this might not be best with many guys. I like snark, even when directed at me, so things vary from guy to guy. Just tailor a friendly put down into your response and he should get the idea.

    • Hm I don't know none of those sound anything I would ever say lol but thank you :) friendly put down it is lol in person its easy, just when they do the whole texting thing some of them are just way to flirty

  • I'd rather NOT hear it in a text. Seems cowardly, especially if she knows up front.

    So my first recommendation is to say it face-to-face when you swap numbers. "Just so you know, I'm not looking to date." Or whatever.

    And my next recommendation is that if a guy asks for a date in a text, that you call him up and politely say "no thanks" aloud.


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  • Normally I just keep the text short, no hidden messages in it. Other times I have been straight up with the guy and at times when a guy has constantly been texting I begin to ignore him. I can see you want to consider other peoples feelings sometimes your needs come first. If you ever bump into them just be polite and say hi no need to feel embarassed about it.

    • Well I don't bump in to them we go out as a group so I can't go around it. that's why I don't wnat to be rude or anything and not make it weird for us