Help. is my girlfriend bored of me?

I have a chance to move and see my girlfriend 7 out of 14 days. Right now I see her 2 out of 14 days. Will she get bored of me or I'll get bored of her if we see each other to much? Also I really don't want move. But she's up there? What I do! I'm 15

I see her right now every other weekend Friday-Sunday. If I move I see her every other week (Not every weekENd


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  • I mean, would you HAVE to see her all week? Or would you just be in town that whole week?

    Being more available to actively participate in a deep relationship will only be a good thing. Getting forced into a situation where she has to see you every day for a week at a time every other week might strain the relationship a bit.

    Also, you're 15? Man, this girl doesn't matter. You have your whole life to worry about girls. Don't move for a girl at 15! Worry about what's best for YOU. Whats best for you will make you the best you you can be, which will make you the best boyfriend/husband you can be.

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