How do you ask a guy if he likes you?

Over text (We live in the same city but he's currently away), without seeming desperate.


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  • Asking such a question plainly does not exude desperation. But I suppose you're looking for an indirect and less personal line that will somehow yield a direct, genuine response.

    The first idea that comes to mind is an absurd hypothetical question. "If you had the power to teleport anywhere in the world only once with one person by your side, where would you go and who would you take?" Something along those lines.

    Or you can be straight to the point and ask if he sees you as more than just a friend.

    • haha, I guess I should just go for it. The first option seems a little more "desperate" than just being straight up. Thanks :)

    • You're welcome. You made the right choice.

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  • You, " hey -insert guys name-
    Him, "what?"
    You, " do you like me?"
    Him, "... yes"
    Boom wild monkey sex right there
    You're welcome.

  • first off stop/dont think your being weird or desperate etc second, just ask, its not that difficult to figure out


What Girls Said 3

  • "i think you're cute"
    and usually they say it back if they're interested.
    if they dont then you have your answer

    always works for me (:

    • yeah he's said im cute and I've said it to him but like does that mean he actually likes me? thank you though :)

    • I think it does (:

  • “do you like me?"
    hhahahahahhaha im direct

  • I'm in the same situation except diffrent cities. :(

    • I figured it out haha, we just kept talking and he asked my turn ons, if thats direct idk..
      Good luck though! i hope it works out for you :) just flirt a whole bunch and see how he reacts

    • I'm not great at flirting can u message me