Do guys expect girls to call?

should I let him be the one who calls first? or should I call him too?

i usually don't call him first because I'm afraid he's busy or can't talk & I don't want to bother him.

i think he likes me but since we haven't seen each other for some time now, I'm not sure. But he usually calls or texts to check up on me & he's caring.

I'm wondering if he might feel that I'm not interested in him as much because I don't call him first.

he means a lot to me and he knows "i miss him" but I'm not sure if he knows how much.


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  • =) it would be best for you to call him, to show him that you care, either as as friend, or like... so if he don;t reach you in about a week (calling) then he just thinks of you as a frined...but if he keeps txtn you, or if he finally calls you, he might think of you in THAT WAY! so good luck...

  • I have been seeing this guy for about six weeks...I always wait for him to get in touch with me 1st, I always prefer it that way...and sometimes take your time when you reply. The way I see it if a guy really likes you he will contact you no matter what...and my moto if he doesn't 'He's just not that in to you'

    • :)

      i see your point & I agree

      i was just worried that if I don't call him first sometimes then he might think that I don't care about him