i told her how i feel about her and her reply?

I have been flirting with her for 2 weeks now and she knows i like her, i downloaded one of her photos, write a note on it about how i feel about her and send it to her though she only saw it in the evening when she switched her phone on. Then she said "wow thats very sweet, you are the best", the conversation went on and i told her i love her then she said "love is a big word" then i said "but i mean it" and she jokingly said "i might be a serial killer, you never know" and i also said "then i would love to get killed by you coz that would be so sweet" and then she slept.. you think she is interested or i must move on?


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  • She thought its too much (which it is) and didn't want to come off rude so she made a joke.
    Love is really a big word and when people use it like that then its such a turn off. Just be careful what you say and dont exaggerate.

    • Advice acknowledged:)... but do you think she is interested or not?

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    • That is cute :)
      Hope you will have success but really just be careful and go slow, be patient.

      Good luck with her :)

    • Thank you :)

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  • I don't know about her but that would be a turn off for me.

    You've been talking to a girl for 2 weeks.
    You send her a lovely note expressing your thoughts.
    That's fantastic!
    And would make any girl happy because in this day and age,
    guys don't usually do that anymore unless they are old fashioned.

    Then you go on to say you love her.
    I mean Wow, you two just met!
    I would run if someone told me that after knowing them for two weeks.
    If your feelings are that strong for me already, and we've yet to experience a lot of things
    a relationship has I'd be scared by that.

    Someone that says that after knowing me such a short amount of time comes
    off to me as needy, or desperate.
    If they "love" me already they made become possessive in the relationship.
    Those are deal breaker traits.
    You are coming off way too strong.
    Relax , and take a few seats back.

    Hopefully you didn't scare her away.
    But for future reference don't say things too soon.
    Also, you cannot love someone after two weeks.
    Your probably infatuated with her which is something that feels like love,
    but it isn't.
    True love takes time.

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    • though i now feel like i have a lot to learn coz i have never been a girls guy so the who scenario is new to me and now it feels like rocket science... i just hope she understand.

    • Hopefully.
      I hope things work out for you.

  • She may or may not be interested, but either way she would rather take it slow. I don't think she LOVES you but she might be INTERESTED in exploring with you to see if that could ever be a possibility. As one of the previous girls has said, I also think you are moving to fast. As the fact that she was joking probably meant that she wanted to keep the conversation light.

    • the whole thing was without logic to it, i was thinking with emotions than my brain and its actually the 1st time for me to experience that

    • For you to experience "love" in such a short amount of time or for you to be shut down like that?

  • Flirting for two weeks is way too soon to use the word "love." You either made her uncomfortable or completely freaked her out. Besides, if you really loved her, you wouldn't be questioning if you should move on.

    • I really love her but you know i dont wanna waste my time on something i won't win, i would rather keep on doing what i do though it would take me along time to get over it i think, what should i do though?

    • That's not love. Focus on yourself rather than finding a relationship. For one, that will give you much to offer. Two, it will give you confidence, which is one of the sexiest qualities out there.

    • @asker you will never know what things come to you in the future... just take a risk remember "no risk no reward"

  • Love is indeed a big world and no wonder she's turned off by that. Just take things slow... and tell her you love her when you are in an actual relationship :)

  • Too much too soon, you can't love someone that soon. You're coming on too strong you need to back off a little or she is going to run!

  • I'm not sure I could have handled it any better, that is way too much too soon.

    • omg... what do you suggest i do at this stage?

    • Just leave the ball in her court, if this freaks her out too much you're just going to have to take it as a lesson.

    • she sounds calm though, sent me a message this morning that sayd "sorry for replying late, my Data was finish" then we went on chatting on a different subject.

  • Maybe she is thinking you are taking things too fast or she is just not into you

    • what do you suggests i can do at this point?

    • Just wait take things slowly don't push her to much because it may turn her off i mean two weeks is pretty early to say the big word love

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  • That seemed like TOO MUCH? Have you invited her out? Have you physically be teasing her? I would say technologies ruin much things if not taken care of.

  • Move on. I think she may have made a mistake. She probably meant to say "you sound like a serial killer"

  • I think she's confused and doesn't know what to feel so she deflected with a joke and slept on it.

  • Some girls don't know how to handle a man saying they love them.. Especially over a short time period. My gf just recently told me she didn't know how to respond to me telling her I loved her when we first got together but only time will tell right?

    • Sure hey... i think time will tell... and im taking her out for a movie this weekend so will see