Fell of the radar now is coming in Hard?

This guy and i were dating but i don't think he was quite ready for a relationship. Anyways we sort of drifted apart and we both went our separate ways but still continued to date other women and now he has been contacting me like crazy because i have finally got over him and started to move on. He has been calling me, texting me, saying he misses me everything that i wanted before from him.

Any advice would be helpful. Do I give him another chance? Thanks


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  • "Love is sweeter the second time around", and more hurtful too. Since you finally move on, let him go. Or else you'll suffer. I really depends upon you and your happiness. If you're happy with him, then go. If not, let go. Please do refer the past memories when you are with him because that serves as your indication if you're going to give him another chance or not :) think think think before you decide. Anyway, if he can wait, he'll wait. :D

    • To be honest he makes me very happy but has hurt me really bad to. The thing is i have never felt this way about anyone and i did miss him and i moved on because he moved on a long time ago and now he is trying to be the guy i needed him to be in the past. I don't know if he is just lonely and just saying things to see if ill come back or he really means them. He got mad at me this week because a relative died and he said i was not there for him but how could i be when he never said anything

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    • Welcome dear ;)

    • Thank you for the MHO x

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  • yes, he probly realized other people weren't just working out with him

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