Do you think he likes me or was he playing?

My friend came up to me and said that some guy said some thing about me which wasmextremly dirty. So I asked him why he said it and he said it wasn't about you it was about someone else and then a few days after I saw him and he smiled at me but I ignored him because I was pissed of with him. Then he made quite a few attempts to talk to me but I didn't answer or replied in one word answers. Then I was sitting alone on a bench and he came up to me with his friend but as he got closer to he told his friend to go and sat beside me. Then he asked me to help him for something but I found this werid because he could have asked anyone like hiw friends or someone who at least he knew a litte because we were complete strangers. Then I began helping him and then I began talking to him and suddenly when were where talking he put his and around my shoulder for like 1 minutes and later he called me outside and then said your no wearing any shoes lets go back in I said no dw but he insisted. And then later on I was staring into space and he comes up randomly and says what's wrong. And my friend who he originaly said something about me too told me that he keeps on constantly asking me has your friend forgiven me yet and he's been nice to her suddenly aswell because before he wasnt. I think I am starting to like him but im not sure because of what he said about me. Sorry because this is really long. Anyways do you think he likes me.


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  • Yeah. There might be a possibility. But you have to communicate girl. Don't take things seriously. If you cut the contact without a solid reason, you will never ever understand he likes or not. Speak with him, as if he is your friend. You will see later. Just, try to know him better for the moment. Discover your feelings upon him too in meantime.