Does my best friend's ex like me?

So my best friend dated this super hot girl for like 2 years and I had a huge crush on her, and in ways I felt she liked me too. She said I was "hot" in front of another girl friend of hers once, which I thought was interesting. Anyways they broke up and she started dating another guy we went to high school with, she went to a college 50 miles away. I would go down all the time and visit another good friend of mine and when I was down we would hang out with this girl and her friends. One night we're hanging at
my buddy's place and we had all been drinking. She's sitting in my lap playing with my necklace I feel like I may have had my hand on her butt lol but I don't remember. Nothing really happned, but I remember saying "I like you better without your boyfriend" lol and she said "he's not here". I ended up taking her home and she puked outside the window and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I didn't feel right about the situation so I did nothing.

I ended up transferring to the college senior year. Another time we hung with her while her boyfriend was out if town. Her friend I felt dropped a hint that night saying " I'll sleep with her since Chris (her bf) is out if town" and looked at me while she said it. I never like making moves on taken girls so I just slept on the couch.

Anyways, now lately she has been calling me with her boyfriends phone for me to come hang out with then which I feel is weird. She did it twice the past two weeks and was like Mark come hang with us you have to. Then lately he has been calling me saying to come hang out, which he is super cool but we were never real close buds or anything. What is going on?


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  • She likes you and she defiantly wants to keep seeing you. She's obviously willing to cheat on her boyfriend with you specially when she said "he's not here" also when her friend said something to you, means she probably told her friend she thinks your cute or ect. Maybe she's still with her boyfriend because she just wants to hook up nit anything serious.


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