Would you have done the same and let someone know?

I told my ex's new gf about his manipulative and narcissistic ways. She obviously is hoping he will change but anyways I told her. I'm not afraid of him anymore or what he has to say because it was my experience with him. He can lie to her all he wants but the truth won't change. It's like letting someone know about a bad product you bought in a store.


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  • I would have only told her about him if he had a history of violent crime, or serious criminal misconduct, or was a dangerous person for you and any potential children to be around.

    The fact that he is "manipulative" and "narcissistic" in your opinion isn't necessary for her to hear from you. For one thing, she won't leave him over this if they just started dating. Her definitions of "manipulative" and "narcissistic" may be drastically different from your definitions of these terms. He could very well be a different (and good) man for her (I know that this can be hard to hear, let alone believe). Even if he is the same clown for her you dealt with, she'll have to make that decision all on her own, anyways.

    Just wish them luck, and hopefully a man enters your life that is a better fit for you than he was.

    • I know that she wouldn't leave him as I have a sister with a husband just the same as him. Since were all in our late 20's and looking for the same thing. Be it a good and stable relationship where we want marriage or to have kids. Since she's one year older than us she wants babies and marriage just as he said he would when we were together. The problem was that him and I had different beliefs as he wanted to be with me and other people. As long as she doesn't question and accepts it just the same as my sister and cousin. My cousin stayed with her cheating husband as well. Even after blasting his affair all over Facebook having everyone know the type of husband she's with. At least she won't think she's crazy because that's what liars like to call people when they get caught in a lie. I know men get screwed around the same by narcissistic women.

    • I get your concerns, I really do. I get you're thinking you don't want anyone else to be taken for a ride like you were. And your intentions are noble.

      But sometimes, you just cannot save the whole world. You knew enough to not let yourself stay in a situation where he can hurt you anymore. That's the part you can control, and you did.

      Who knows, maybe he may change how he is for her? It's happened with other guys. It's happened with other women, too. Maybe he'll be just like he was. Maybe she is totally cool with it, like you suggested could end up being possible.

      I don't think you did anything wrong, per se, just don't know what you figured you'd accomplish.

    • He got upset because after I dumped him he begged me back and I didn't want to get back with him. He wanted me to be calling him since he wanted to boost his ego during that time. I didn't call him or want anything to do with him. He came to my house and brought his gf along. She came over and I talked to her because she said Hi to me. He wanted to purposely make me jealous. So I told her so he can see that I knew what he was doing. My last ex was the same way as he was so I have had experience dealing with jerks like him.

  • I guess it doesn't matter if your motives are in the right place, neutral.


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