Why would he feel comfortable doing this? Am I missing something here or are most guys just not worried?

I've been dating this guy for about 5 months now. We knew each other for years prior to and had dated for a few months in college. Things have gotten rather serious lately between the two of us. We are both 25 years old and the topic of marriage, kids and future plans are discussed quite a lot. We both want kids and soon within the next few years if everything works out. His sister just had a little baby a few weeks ago and he was so excited about it. A friend of his joked with him saying that he has baby fever now and he didn't argue, he just smiled.

I'm on the pill and he knows this. I recently was put on antibotics so I warned him saying that it is going to reduce the effectiveness of my birth control. I had taken 1 pill on that particular day but still I didn't want to risk it. We had sex and he ended up going inside of me. Then he's like i'm sure you will be fine right? It freaked me out. How come he is so calm about this? I told him that was not good and it has me really nervous and paranoid.

Why would he feel so comfortable and not be stressed about this? Is he trying to get me pregnant?

This all happened this weekend. I made it clear that if we are doing anything this coming weekend that he will be wearing a condom.


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  • One of men's biggest fear in this modern western world is to get a woman that is not 'the one' pregnant.

    He's either very naive about contraception or he loves you very much. I'd go with the latter along with a little bit of the former.

    • Gotcha. So he thinks i'm "the one" possibly therefore he isn't worried if something happens like me ending up pregnant? Other guys I have dated are very cautious about that sort of thing and being extremely careful. This guy has been with a lot of girls (he got tested) and I would think he would know how serious of a risk it is. He is a very smart guy.

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