Should I have a talk with him regarding our status?

I've been dating this guy for 3 months. Anytime we are together we make each other laugh and just have a good time. Lately I have been having anxiety because before we spent a lot of time together but lately not as much. Anytime I initiate hanging out he is 95% a go. This weekend he was telling me a conversation he had with a co-worker who wanted to hang out with him and pick up girls. My guy told him he can't because he is seeing someone. Is this his way of telling me that he is exclusive with me? Should I ask him?


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  • In terms of being exclusive in relationships and in dating, I'm of the opinion that it's definitely good idea to leave little to the imagination. The relevance of effective communication goes without saying.

    So... yes, you should. Have "the talk" with him.

    • How would I start the convo? I have never had to do this before. My prior relationships have gone straight to bf/gf

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    • We don't talk everyday either.

    • More reasons to have "the talk" with him.

  • all i see is a guy that truly cares about you and wants to spend every moment with you. if he agrees to hang out with you a lot then he enjoys being with you and there is no point for him to bring that conversation un;ess he wanted to show you that he loves you


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