I've met a quiet aquarius girl who doesn't talk much. Don't really know what to do at this point. Do I even have a chance?

I met this girl at my first semester in uni. We hit it off pretty good and I started being friendly and so was she. We got close, I was fun, made her laugh and smile. we hanged out had lunch in campus etc. I used to apologise to her for nagging her on chat and she was angry and said I need to stop apoligising etc. she is from a strict orthodox chirstian family. At some point I told her I had a crush on her and she turned me down saying we should be friends and that she promised herself no matter what to not date anyone untill her third year of uni. and that it's not my fault but it's just her that can't date anyone for now and that we are from different backgrounds and cultures that could eventually clash and that religion for her is important (for me isn't). I was hurt about this and so I stopped talking to her. but a friend of mine said to me not to worry and that I should be a good friend to her an unconditional one, respect her boundaries and that she is just waiting and checking me out. that girls need time to fall and I will win her heart if I try. so I started chatting with her again ( we're at semester break for now). As usual the sometimes she replies quickly. sometimes she takes ages and the convo builds up slowly then becomes quick, back and forth... sometimes I wait too to reply... and we have fun convos... gave each other names etc... but recently I knocked her with "hey beautiful how was your day?" she took one hour to reply back " it was ok. sunny and beautiful. how was yours?" so I take 20 min to reply back "mine? it was "..." ahahahah where did ya go?" then no reply as I think she must've fallen asleep or her dad turned the modem off as it shows she's not active anymore even though she's offline. however when she took one hour to repply back it showed clearly she was active even though offline, which led me to think that she might be avoiding me or I might be nagging her. donno what to do anymore. please don't make fun of me.


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  • alright. but what is her blood type?


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  • Dude give up, Aquarius girls never talk OR date. EVER.

  • You forgot to mention her shoe size.


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  • Overanalyzation will get you nowhere, neither will astrology. Also, she turned you down and is extremely religious, I would look elsewhere.

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