How to make the first move on a girl that I really love?

Ok, so I've known this girl ever since march of 2014, and I've talked to her a bunch of times in one of my classes. Jut recently I've asked her out on a couple dates. The first date we went to dinner and a movie, and nothing really happened, just casual friends. The next date we went on was about a week later and we went horseback riding, and again we were casual friends. I'm 19 and she's 18 btw. So tonight I'm taking her out again to dinner and this time to a drive in movie theatre. She's EXTREMLY beautiful, and I want us to be more than friends, so I'd like to make a move on her tonight. What should I do? Casually yawn and put my arm around her in the car? Or wait until I take her home and kiss her? She very pretty and I want her to know this, but I don't want to screw anything up. We are both going our separate ways next year (different colleges) but before we go I want her to know how I feel. Or should I even bother since we are both going different ways? I'm open for all advice here, but PLEASE no sentence responses, please explain what I should tonight.

And I'm not sure what she feels in this relationship, but I'm still with her and she's not showing any signs of backing out. Does this mean she secretly has feelings for me? GAAA!! Why can't love be easy?


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  • Well long distance relationships are very difficult. So if I would you I would debate with myself whether to make a move or not, because if you can't handle you guys parting eventually then don't go for it. Or if you are willing to try a long distance then go ahead and try.
    Do not do the yawn and arm around her thing. It is not casual and if she doesn't like you it would also be very awkward. I would straight come up and say it. While eating or something just say "I really like you" and see what her response is. If she rejects you just say "Oh no I meant as a friend too" then go home and cry. But if she says she likes you a lot to ask casually "As more than friends?". If she answers yes admit you do to and then put your hand on her hand she will most likely look down at it. Then move it up on her chin and tilt her chin up a bit and kiss her softly. This will be best possibly on her porch or in the car while dropping her off in case if she doesn't like you and then the rest of the date won't be awkward.

    • I would like to make a move but understand that we can't do a long distance relationship. That's why I'd like to at least make a move now rather than never again. So we are you going to a drive in and what you're saying is before the movie starts, tell her I really like her? Or do it while the movie is on? And chances are I won't be sitting on her porch, I'll walk her up to her door when the date is over and tell her goodbye. Should I say it then? "Listen, I really like you and have for a while, more than friends."

    • Oh wait I just read your advice better, I think I'll do it when I drop her off :) oohhh I'm nervous now haha

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  • Buy her something not too cheap, but not too expensive. My boyfriend got me a Greek bracelet from Amazon. I mean, he just gave it to me without even telling me. it was a total surprise. Buy her something that she likes. If she is the type of girl who don't want you to buy her a gift, give it to her anyway and she'll thank you for it. Did you ask her what she likes? Favorite movies, music or anything like that?


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  • both parting ways? get your closure now.

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