How to check wether she feels same about me or not without asking her openly?

I want some suggestions please help me. so my problem is round about a year i am attracted to my aunt which is a family friend as i am 23 and she is 33 years firstly in the begaining of our releation ship she started texting me and showed that she likes me but she didn't say it to me and i dont know that she loves me but i dont get her love signs at that time thn i go to other place for about 6 months when i come back i used to think about her every time and she is not getting off my mind i texted her but she only reply as a forward message i want you to give me some tips or suggestions which help me to again make her love me or fall in love with me as i was afraid of my uncle and family they use to visit us and i dont want him to know what is goin on with me and between us. please reply to my question as soon as possible i know i can't force a releationship but i just want her to love me in the way i love her and due to some family restrictions i can't open to her as i dont know that if she feels the same i just want you to give me some suggestion or a trick that in few text messages i come to know that what she feels about me if i ask her openly and she didn't feels same about me then there is a disaster for me...


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  • Man this whole thing is a disaster. She's your aunt, and from what you said she's married? You wanna get with your aunt, and also have her cheat on her husband with you? I don't think she likes you like that from what you've said. It's your imagination. Get out and meet new people jesus


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