Girls guys tell me what the hell!!!?

From far saw my ex comming. She was holding him tight. When she saw me she took her hand off him. I pretendet i dont see her. While she was passing she could not stop looking at me!! Then her guy started looking at me aswell. They had quick chat and again stared at me!!! At first i would never take my hand off my girl no matter what. They been dating half year now. And i know that. So what the hell?


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  • Maybe they were just talking crap about you. I mean, she's your ex, she's with someone new, if they actually have a good relationship, she probably doesn't really care that much about how you feel, she may still want to make you jealous, not because she cares or wants you back. She may just want the satisfaction of being able to know or think that you're still paying her attention. You may have over analyzed and over thought the situation. It's probably not that big of a deal.

    • Agree. Just if u wanna make jelous so hold it tight not let go

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    • Perhaps not, but I think it's for the best to separate yourself from her and the situation.

    • I did. I said we not gonna keep in touch. And we not. But once in a while she shows up. Me if i said i dont care i dont care

  • It's always awkward running into your ex. There's very few graceful ways to handle thst situation

    • Yes but my question is why to take hand off. I would hold even closer. Ex is past

    • Because it's awkward. No one knows how to act

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