If he won't tell me what his tattoos mean are they probably gang related?

He has so many tattoos in his chest and back and one on his face. He won't tell me what any of them mean. He says I'm not ready to know but he's always grinning when he says that so it seems like he's trying to indirectly make me think they're bad as a joke. Thoughts?


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  • tattoo's on the face ouch
    hey maybe he's kidding... i mean if he's nice and sweet than no reason for suspicion. What job does he have anyway?

    • He paints with his uncles

    • oh well then he's probably a dude that likes tattoos then and just makes you keep guessing what they mean... as if they do have a hidden meaning ^^

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  • They might mean nothing, he could just be impulsive.

    What you should do, though, is sneak a pic of his back, crop out any personal details, and post the picture in a subredit to see if anyone recognizes their meaning.

    Could you describe any of them?

    • The one I his face says lk

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    • LK on a Mexican probably means Latin Kings, unless LK are the initials of someone significant in his life, a deceased family member for example.

      The amount of his involvement with the gang could vary, it might not be a huge part of his life. He could still be ok. But its probably that. You need to bring it up with him and let him talk about it, only he knows his own life.

    • How can I say it without sounding judgmental or like you're busted?

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