Just met a guy and he asked me out?

I was approached by this guy, 20 years old, who mentioned my shirt- Star Wars. It was a very quick chat, nothing massive. I returned to the store the next day, he spotted me and asked for my number. Having a good vibe, I said yes.

He texted me that same night and blatantly tried to flirt. So when he asked if I was glad that I entered the store, I said sure, I love meeting new friends with the same interests and made sure to mention 'friends' a lot in our convo.

He asked me out to his house so he could cook and then watch a movie. A bit unsure, I said sure because I personally wanted to get out the house more often and meet new people.

Anyway, he mentioned a lot in our texts of his intentions to date me, and I said several times that I'm not interested in dating AT ALL and said it quite direct. He even asked to be friends with benefits which pissed me off quite a bit and I took a more stern tone in our messages. Again, he mentioned that he hoped I changed my mind about the dating and I said that even if the guy I liked right now was to ask, I'd reject.

I'm not feeling too comfortable and he knows that I have no interest in dating him or anyone. Should I cancel the hang out? He lives near and went to my High School, so I know he isn't a total stranger. And my brothers mentioned that they knew him and that he was a chill respectful guy.

I just agreed to a time with him tomorrow, but I don't know. I stated very clearly that it's just as friends and nothing more. I even sounded mean, but I said it as it is.

I'm confused on his quick determination to start dating me while he doesn't even know who I am. I'm 16 by the way, and he's 20, but I've got friends 20+ too so age wasn't really a problem for me. And he knows I'm 16.

I don't want to lead him on, if tomorrow he asks for another hang out, should I say yes? Does he want me just for sex?

I rather not go tomorrow, but I don't want to be so harsh in canceling.

I leaned towards saying no but I was unsure. You guys are right, it wouldn't make sense. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable in going and was direct in canceling and he just said "whatev" . Thank you!


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  • If you don't want to go, then don't. Simple as that. You are your own person, and if you don't feel like going, then he should understand that. Also, if you don't want to date, don't let him pressure you into it.

    • Yep! Don't do what you don't want to do!

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    • Thanks man. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable, it wouldn't make sense if we both want different things, and that I don't like feeling pressured under his intentions. Your response really helped me trust my gut more.

    • No problem, glad I could help!

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  • Once he suggested fwb, he showed his true colors. Either ditch him, or set up a sting with Chris Hansen (if you know what I mean)

    • Yeah that pissed me off- he knew nothing about me yet still had the balls to ask. And haha yeah, To Catch a Predator. I've canceled the hang out and told him that I didn't feel comfortable. Thanks for responding.

  • Sounds like he's looking for sex.

    • Sure did, and it's all canceled now. Thanks for responding.

  • Yeah just don't go, fuck that nigga

  • He is a predator do not have anything to do with him

    • You might be right, I felt pressured. Thanks for responding.

  • Oh come on, you're 16 and he is 20. Don't let the guy commit statutory rape. Leave it alone.

    • You're right man, I don't even know why I second guessed my gut. Thanks for responding.

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  • You obviously want very different things. Meeting him would be pointless. Also, I wouldn't trust him.

    • I mentioned this when I spoke to him about canceling :). Thank you for responding

  • Please don't go. He is just looking to get in your pants hunny. Find someone your age. You shouldn't be dating anyone older than 18.

    • It seems like it, yeah. He's too persistent and he's just met me. Thanks for responding

  • Why do you care how you come across to him? Why do you care if it's mean to decline?
    Why do you care SO much about this guy and not about yourself and what you are comfortable with and what you want?
    Forget him! And he's too old to be asking you to hang out, I'm sorry. 20 and a 16 year old. Something isn't right.

    • You're right. I feel better now that I told him that I wasn't comfortable. Your response also helped me a lot in trusting my gut. Thankful to have another ear out!