What should I do about this situation with this guy that I want to be in a relationship with?

1 week ago today, I met this guy at a summer camp and he really liked me and asked me for his number. He asked me out for lunch the first day I met him and I agreed to. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. He found me very attractive and called me beautiful. He even wanted to kiss me on the first day and was very touchy around me which I loved! On the second day, he kissed me on the cheek and we held hands while walking. Then by the end of the week, he started to become distant from me. I texted him asking to hang out and he agreed to. On Saturday I asked if he can still hang out and he said no to me. Then today he acted really distant from me. He still talked to me like a friend but at the same time, he kinda avoided me. As I was walking in the hallway with him, I asked if we could hold hands and he said no. Last week, he made the first move to hold hands and put his arm around me but today he didn't seem interested at all! What is wrong with him and am I too ugly for guys to handle? I don't understand why he could do this. I really want to be his boyfriend though. This is making me want to harm myself and depressed. Should I keep trying or dump him? I feel happier with him but I don't want to get hurt. Is this my fault? What should I do? =[


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  • To be fair, this sounds basically like he wanted a fling at summer camp, but now it's over, he doesn't want anything to do with you. I think the problem is, you took things too fast, therefore meaning the half-life was going to be short from the start.


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