What are your experiences with online dating? Is it worth a try?

Which dating websites would you recommend? And which ones would you steer people away from?

  • Dating online is worth a try
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  • Don't date online, stick to face-to-face encounters
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  • It's up to you, do whatever you want to
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Online dating can be extremely fake. People have time to reply and can research and come up with the most romantic thing to sweep you off your feet. A good old fashioned face to face meeting is something that can really help you see what sort of a person the guy is. You can meet online but date in real life please.

    • Thank you for the good advice :)
      So I could use a dating site to find a guy, then meet up with him in real life to date him

    • Of course. Good luck

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What Guys Said 2

  • It's a nice option as a female, but not so much as a male. Females get flooded with messages and you'll be able to get dates no problem.

    The trouble I hear is that most girls get messages from guys just wanting to have sex and not actually date. But if you can find an overall well written profile and who is genuine with you, you'll be fine with it.

    One common thing I notice with most girls I meet on these is that they're really... "out there" and something's very wrong with mosta them. But I've gone to a wedding of 2 who met of OKC. I also know a girl who married off of match. com (I don't recommend that site though) and I've met girls on plenty of sites in general.

    • Ok thanks for the insights!
      If I do it, I'll make it very clear in my profile that I don't want sex outside of marriage.
      I'm not out there, I'm just painfully guy shy. And I like the idea of just knowing that you're both looking for a relationship, instead of wondering and hoping.

    • Also it's hard to find a guy with similar values to myself. But the values are part of the profile online, so I will know who to consider and who isn't worth looking at.

  • I don't like online dating.

    I only get contacted by women who are not even close to my type.
    The few decent looking women have impossible standards because they get so many emails everyday.
    The profiles I read from many women are SO negative. (I don't care that many men only want sex, I don't, and when women make negative comments [or lists] about what they aren't looking for, it is a major turn-off for me)


What Girls Said 1

  • For some, it has worked. It hasn't worked for me yet.