I need guys opinion... but girls are accepted as well?

have you been in love with 2 person at the same time?

or you have been in love with a person, can't be with him/her so you are with someone else without getting over "the one"!

if he/she accept to be with you, what will you do or what did you do with the other one?

  • impossible to love to at the same time
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  • possible to love two at the same time
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  • can be with one but still love another one truly
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  • I don't believe you can be in love with two people at once.

    • if the one you love don't want to be or can't be with you, will you go for another one? can you still be in love with the first one?

    • I'd wait until my feelings for the first girl went away before dating. Rebound relationships almost never work out and are unfair to the other person. You'd basically be using them to get over your ex.

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  • I believe in bring attracted to two people at once, but I also believe in monogomy, so I'd choose the one that would make me happy in the long run.


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