I like this guy but I dont know what to do !!?

So I am having my fifteen and he is main because of the dance instructor. I really like him a lot and he likes me back but if i go out and we break up i might not want to see my 15 pics again. PLEASE HELP !!!

Im 14 and he's 15


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  • Can you be more specific? How old are you and how old is he?

    • Im 14 and he's 15. We both live in the same neighborhood. he's nice and we both know eachothers family. When i was younger like 13 i started to like him. Now that we are alittle bit older he tells my mom he likes me but in a fucking around type of way and when told if it is true he just idk...

    • It's been so long since I was your age, I'm not sure I'm the best one to be giving you advice here, but here goes! Maybe you should just come out and tell him you like him? If he is acting all coy about it, he probably doesn't want to commit to it and have you not like him in return. He might just be afraid of you not liking him so he says he doesn't know to elicit a response from you. If you come out and tell him, yes you might be risking it, but if you don't maybe some other girl will and then you'll have to watch him see someone else. That wouldn't be fun either. I say just go for it!!

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