He is moving to the west coast. what to do?

This guy and i have known each other since his freshman year. (i am one year ahead of him) We started hanging out but i just got so overwhelmed/scared that i ran away. every year after that we would bump into each other. we would talk about wanting to hang out again but that never happened. Eventually my second senior year, i went to this party where he lived but he was not present. i wanted to talk to him so badly but i had a boyfriend at the time. eventually i broke up with my boyfriend (it was going downhill for a while and should of broke up with him way sooner) then i had a dream and this came true: i saw the guy at a bar. we talk and then we start hooking up. this continues until the end of my last semester. I was in the phase of i just wanted to have fun. I graduated college and we didn't speak after.

fast forward almost a year later and it is homecoming. we meet again and hook up but this time it was different. i was so happy to see him and we just connected differently this time. and then we actually started communicating to each other and texting. a few months later he invited me to his house for a Christmas party with his dad's company and he used to work for. it didn't go so well because i felt like he was pushing me away because i guess he felt i was getting too close. (we live about 2 and half hours away)

now the present... recently started talking with him and seeing how he is. we talked about what happened at that party. he thought of us as friends with benefits. but then i said u would not invite me unless you liked me more than friends with benefits. and he said of course he liked me a bit more but with the distance, he wants nothing serious.
also now he is moving to the west coast for an amazing opportunity for 2 years. i am happy he got it and i know its the right thing for him to do. He said that i should visit. But i said i wouldn't visit unless he comes visit me first.

i envision this guy and i together in the future. its just a crazy thing... we keep reconnecting over and over again. so should i move on for at least the next two years? or should i really just move on completely?


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  • I think it's a tough call. I feel you should keep your options open because he said he wanted nothing serious. That being said I know people can change their mind over time and he did said he likes you a little more then fwb's but the distance thing kind of gets in the way. I do think it's weird that you keep on running into him alot. I think since he is going to be gone for two years that you should date other guys if you feel like it. I think maybe you and him could be together in the future but I think now he probably doesn't want nothing serious from the way he sends mix signals. But things can always change and you knew him for a long time now.


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