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I saw this girl on a bus i know her not to well. she was very touchy feely... i asked her on a date she said yes... then kissed me on the cheek as she left the bus... later i asked her out on a date she said so I want you to know that I would only like to go as friends as I am not looking for a relationship... if you're cool with that then I'd still like to go!.. so i asked why she said... Because I thought I would like to but I just finished something with someone else & it would be unfair to you if I agreed while not being sure if I want another relationship yet... what do you girls think of this is she telling the truth should i wait till later.. .. what does this mean

she did say yes at first


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  • Right now she probably just wants to have a bit of fun, someone to flirt with and just spend time with. I'd take it slow with her since she's just gotten out of a relationship. She was being considerate by telling you and not leading you on into something she may not want. I'd say if you like her go for it, but don't fully invest your feelings into her unless she tells you she wants more. Try to keep your options open with other girls and just see where it goes.

  • She doesn't want her feelings to be all over the place. There could be some other guy may want to be with. you could wait but it doesn't seem like she knows what she wants right now


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