How do I know if he's using me or really loves me?

Okay, so I've been talking to this guy for almost a year and we had done things together. But long story short he told me he loved me! I said it back and he stopped talking to me for a couple of weeks. We just started talking today and I asked him. He said he still likes me... It's just that he said he felt weird after he said that. I don't know what he means or understand any of it. He's confusing sometimes... but I'd like to know if he is using me or need his own time to think about things? Do you think he still loves me?

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  • Eh no I'm sorry to say it does sound like you were used. I hate saying this I know it isn't very good to hear..

    On the bright side maybe things will turn around for you though and the two of you can be together


What Girls Said 2

  • Only he can tell you how he feels about you. I suggest you tell him that You're not sure where his head is and you'd like to be enlightened about the matter.

  • Well, its little bit confusing. He is the one first told you, and after you said you also love him, he backed off. So, i think, he said it to check whether you have feelings for him or not. And got freaked out the fact that you also like him, and might have never expected you will. Ask him, directly, why he said he loves you, whether he have feelings for you or just said it as a joke.