Me and a girl were "together" but not official but were kinda serious, she has kind of lost feelings, is there a way I can get her back? I love her?

I love her and I don't know if she still feels the same way, I wanna be able to talk n be how we were n make her want me back


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  • Not much detail to go on. Like why it didn't work out or what happen. But all you can do is go for it. What their to lose right better to try then not at all but dont play mind games that just annoying but that just me. I can't tell what kind of girl she is.

  • DonĀ“t be klingy, that will just ruin the relationship even more!

    If you become interesting again, surprise her with awesome dates or stuff, just be as fun/interesting as possible!
    And it might work to play hard to get (even if she has you), but it can ruin it more to so not sure if you should do that one;/


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