Please help!!! Am I being played?

So I'm talking to this guy , but I can't help but feel he is interested in other girls.
He msg's me every morning and he always gives me butterfly's when I'm around him and he makes me feel so safe.
But we have planned two dates and for some reason 2 completely random things occurred.

First Random occurrence : my friend and I wait for him to get off of work at 7:00pm , because I didn't want to wait by myself , but Mountaisa closes at 6pm on week days , he message me "I'm going to be at till 8:00". I Said ok
1hr later he says "I have to pick my friend Arron up from work and he lives in Arlington"
"Once again I say ok and then told him you can just meet me at Applebee's if you want they say open till 2 am "
He said " ok I'm down"
1 more hr later I message him at 10:34 " are you on your way"
He replied " my mom made me stay home and she is going on a rampage and she is angry and then he said I'll call you later on tonight" ( he is 18)
And that was the last message he sent me , he didn't even reply to my msg's
So I'm like... he just stood me up...

Second Random Occurrence : Today we we're suppose to go on a date at 6:00 and we already pre- planned it and everything
, but at. 3:39 he msg's me " I'm so sorry my job called me into work"
I said " ok what time do you get off?"
He said "...1"
And I'm like wtf again!
So I looked up Mountaisa and they close at 11:00pm. Why did he tell me 1am?
I like him so much... But am I being played?


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  • the people who work in these places dont finish when the bar closes, they have to clean up and restock and everything. so he very well could finish at 1am but it sounds like he's messing you around with too many excuses. if i was u, i wouldn't push for another date. instead just let him arrange it and if i was u i would show up 3-40minutes late if u do go on a date with him


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  • He is blowing you off for whatever reason. Forget about him and be glad you didn't invest more time into him.


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  • This guy have no feelings for you. Just ditch him, you deserve better.