GUYS! What do you for in a girl?

I know this question is kind of out there and will have some vast answers but i'm just curious about how some guys think when looking for a girlfriend. And what they don't like?

*GUYS! What do you look for in a girl?


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  • The question is very broad, but I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Well first it'd be nice to know that the girl actually gives a damn about you. After that, I'd hope that she believes in God and that she'd be nice, caring, and fun to be around. It'd also be nice if we could both like the same things. Oh and one last thing, I'd hope that she isn't easy to start an argument with and that she'd put up with my silly/strange personality.

    Damn, I've just figured out that I'm pretty demanding. Maybe that explains alot.


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  • I think for me its more about what i dont look for... but lets see...
    I look for a person with some of the same qualities as myself... good at communication... not too loud and obnoxious... NOT SPOILED... is good with people... caring... maybe kind of shy i find that adorable...
    I stay away from trying to date females that have had a history of being promiscuius... Its makes us not compatible sexually... she must be a grown lady... not an immature brat.

  • Question is very broad... essay answer to cover everything. How about I write what a girl shouldn't be/do based upon past experiences.

    1. Don't go to parties and bounce on every guys dik (literally)
    2. Being dumb isn't cute.
    3. Don't be crazy, and get angry over the littlest things.
    4. Don't insult someone's religious beliefs (avoid topic if possible)
    5. Don't be a loser be ambitious and strive for a goal in life

    I could go on but I'll let others add.

  • Have a good taste in clothes, doesn't swear, has to be a follower and disciple of the Lord Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) and likes family.

  • Most I'll do is ask her out.

  • Innocent + wilderness = perfect girl


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