Guys/Men - how to handle this situation?

You can call it anyway you see it - and I will thank you for your help. I have known a man a long time now - mostly online but met in person in the past, it's not ''a relationship'' and the distance IS our real problem.

Anyway, we're still off and on and I distanced myself because I was getting too into him and didn't wanna be hurt, well 3-4 months later he acts all cool, emailing me, like what's up?

So we've had a little back and forth, but while he did initiate contact this round, he seems slow in his responses where in the past he was not like that.

So do I mirror his actions and not reply to his message from last night and make him wait a full 24 hours or longer?

I don't know what to make of this, like he's seeing someone else but obviously I am on his mind because he contacted me. I do care very much about him and miss the outrageous fun we used to have just talking.

Oh well, thanks for your time, xoxo :)

  • Move on and forget him
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  • Play hard to get
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  • Just tell him how you feel
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  • Talk to him but see other guys
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  • Take a chance talk to him be flirty give him reasons to make him really want you and than after flirting make him jealous by saying your going out on a date or out for a girls night sending sexy outfit pictures and see what his reaction is.

    • I will give it a shot...

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    • Perfect ;)

    • Hey by the way, if you have a second, I was telling him how much he turns me on and he was liking that but then was all "maybe I'm only better in your imagination than in real life" so I felt bad for him and told him that was not true... why do you think he said that? Does that mean he feels not good enough? If so, I don't see why. He is smart, handsome, etc. Hmmm.

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  • look i don't really do that personally. I mean if i have to play some waiting game like waiting 24 hours and such just to send a message to not seem desperate... its really not worth my time

  • I'd suggest distancing yourself from him, it doesn't mean to completely ignore the guy because obviously you care about him. Try talking to other people, try finding other people that are closer within your vicinity, talk to them, that way you can distract yourself from thinking about him because, he obviously isn't feeling the connection as much as he did before; frankly you'll end up being hurt. Hoped that shed a bit of light within your situation.

    cheers :D

    • Makes a lot of sense.

  • I voted just tell him how you feel. I've come to learn its just easier to be straight forward.

  • He doesn't deserves you !!!

  • I want a kiss from a girl


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