Think my Girl Friend can NOT be trusted?

So I will not write a wall of text here, instead i will describe one scenario that happened last night, i know my self it is a red flag, but i do give people the benefit of the doubt.

Foreword: there have been red flags here and there throughout the last 2 months.

What happened:
We planned to meet Monday as she finished work early, at 2.
So i send her a message, asking if we was still good for today, the reply i got was "Can i see how i feel later... i feel shattered hun, ill let you know x"
Later that day, at around midnight, she texts me about a subject that has nothing to do with meeting up nor anything to do with the fact that she never replied and this is my GF, not just some girl i date or currently see.

Now she NEVER puts on make up when she goes to work, EVER. In fact, sometimes when we meet up she doesn't even bother with make up, tells me over skype, as we chat (with her cam off) that she is just lying in bed naked, feeling tiered and with make up all over the place, at which point i told her "ahh u got make up on, i thought you didn't wear make up to work" really easy and light, since at that point i was too good in a mood about something else going on in my life to let it bring my mood down, at which point i clearly (100%) heard her say "oh... uhm... yeah... i felt like putting on make up today for work..." she works at a nursery with little kids that sometimes paint her face and what not.

so i am 99% sure with all the past shit, that she is seeing someone else...

I told her b4, if she wants to have a light easy open relationship, i am fine with that, at least i can start looking at getting a girl that wants something serious, she keeps saying no... she wants me.

I know there is a dude at her weekend job, she used to be good mates with and regularly talks to, probably him she met up with.

Any opinions are more than welcome
Also Question to the girls:
Why would you string someone along on a BS relationship?

I mean i did tell her, and i mean it, nothing will change between us, i will still do activities with her, i will still treat her the exact same, only at the same time, i will look for a real relationship... while she can openly and freely see and
fuck who ever she wants, even that twat dickhead who works with her on the weekends.
he doesn't work with her during the week, and only works part time so i am 100% sure she met with him or someone else... who the fuck puts on makeup to walk the dog


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  • Okay, honestly? This doesn't sound that suspicious to me. I never leave the house without getting ready. Maybe her boss at work told her it's unprofessional to go to work without makeup (believe it or not, some work places tell their workers to change their appearance)

    Not to come off as rude, but you don't sound like you should be in a relationship at all. You 1) can't trust the person you're dating, and 2) want an open relationship (which means all you really want are benefits, so you would keep her around to give them to you).

    Just break up with her. You don't trust her = overly-jealous. Distrust can lead to letting unnecessary blowups happen over things that don't matter. And perhaps she has been dishonest and has given you a reason to not trust her, in which case is still not a good relationship to be in.
    And she doesn't put that much effort into looking pretty for you = lack of interest.
    You guys just don't sound that compatible, but I guess I could be wrong.

    • I appreciate your honest reply, but you misunderstood a point or two.
      I do NOT want an open relationship, i want the complete opposite of it, i want something serious, i told her, that if she wants an open relationship, i would be fine with that, because at the end of the day i would much rather have a honest half assed relationship with her, where we both get what we want out of it, than be strung along just because she doesn't want to be alone... or what ever the reason maybe
      I fully understand the point about work, but why does she not put on makeup today? she has been working there for...4 to 5 years now.

      Then all of a sudden, she is too tiered to meet, tells me she is too tiered to get a shower and get rdy to meet up.

      Then asks me to stay in touch with her while I am on holiday... sending me mixed signals everyday...

    • You are probably right... time to move on i guess.

  • She could of had been doing something else you might want to question her without being to obvious.

    • Yeah and then i will think about this even more...
      I think i should just take a step back, see her twice a week tops and start looking for a girl friend that is looking for the same thing as i am.

      after reading the scenario back to back a few times, it's clear what she did yesterday.
      She has only has like 1 to 2 friends and why would you not tell your BF about seeing a friend... i tell her all the time, my Ex told me all the time.

      Urgh >_<!

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