I annoyed the guy I'm dating with too many texts how to smooth things over?

Was texting yesterday and he was acting kind of obnoxious. We didn't get in a fight but I got totally annoyed with him because he was acting like a child. Tried texting him a couple times later and he wouldn't reply.

So tried to break the ice this morning and he replied quickly but then was being cold saying " let me text you later, I'm super busy right now"

I know what I shouldn't do is text anymore but I think I may have annoyed him last night so he doesn't feel like talking right now and I kind of take it to heart.


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  • Give him space. Don't text him, don't call him, let a few days pass. If he cares, he should contact you. Show him you're not clingy and you know when you two need to have a break.
    When you hear from him again, be cool and relaxed. If he ever mentions your fight, calmly explain to him your point of view and state that you don't want to fight with him for pointless things.

    (suggestion: if he always acts like he's too immature, it's not worth it :P)

    • Yeah probably not worth it in all honesty

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