What exactly does wanting time and space mean? Can someone Please explain this to me. Do you think we'll get back together?

My GF of 8 months broke up with me about 5 weeks ago. We were living together and she moved out. That first week and half she was really hot and cold towards me... I would ask her if we were still together or not and she would say "I don't know what do you think we should do" Of course I told her that we could talk and work things out, but she didn't respond. Then one morning she'd text me tell me to have a good day, ask how my night was, etc. Next day I would text her and she'd ignore me. After about a week or so of doing that I was stupid and started liking her pictures on facebook. She called me asked me to stop, she said we werent together, that she had a lot of mixed feelings, and needed time and space. I said Okay have a good day and let me know if you need anything. She said Thank you. In the past few weeks, there's been a few times when she's tried to text me "hey" i ignored her. Then she said "good night" again ignored her. A couple days later she says "good night" again" and I was going to ignore again but then she sent a message saying "So, are we not talking anymore?" I waited about 30 mins to an hour and said Yes, Sry, been busy Sleep Well". About three weeks ago she says "I miss scaring You" I just sent a smiley face back. The only times I contacted her since she told me we were done were to tell her she had mail. And I returned the cable box for her so she wouldn't get charged. two weeks ago June 28th, she texts me and asked she could use my HBO account so she could watch Game of Thrones (we used to watch it together) and we kept talking about the show for a few hours and then I just told her to have a good night and she said you too. No contact since then. My question why is she doing this? I thought she wanted time and space? When I would contact her she would either ignore me or tell me she needs more time. But then she's been texting me? I still love her! and I wish we would get back together but I don't want to get my hopes up.

Over the weekend she sent me a text saying sorry she hadn't pick up her mail (she moved out still getting mail) I told her not to worry and asked if she wanted the rest of her stuff too (she left some clothes, movies, and kitchen things)
she asked if I wasn't using them anymore? I told her I was using them but I could get my own so I didn't have to bother her down the road when I moved out. She replied that I never bother her and asked why I thought that.


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  • This sounds a lot like a cat and mouse chase. It's extremely weird.

    Okay I would say that you should try one date with a girl that is not the girl you're having trouble with. But if you don't want to make the girl you're having trouble with mad then you shouldn't do that but you should just go out and do some fun things. Anything that you would consider fun that you probably could never do when you were in a relationship.

    Also you should get some straight answers from her. Don't ask her via text. The meeting needs to be face to face. Ask what she is doing, asks why she keeps testing you/ignoring your texts, ask if she still loves you and anything else you feel that needs to be asked. Also if she asks you to leave. Leave. Don't argue, don't fight, even if she's yelling at you don't yell back. Trust me. Just leave with no response. It's for the best.

    I wish you luck.


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  • She's going back and forth because she doesn't know what she wants. I would avoid her to prevent becoming her human yo yo.

    • Its drives me crazy. I love this girl and Im trying to get over her when I think Im good ready is when her texts come in. And then I spend hours sometimes days thinking about her again forcing myself not to contact her.

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    • Thats the thing. When do I know? I think Im happy and have finally accepted it. Then I'll get a text and all i want to do is talk to her, be with with her, and hold her again. The hardest thing for me the past 3 weeks has been not to text or call her. Not to initiate any contact because I dont want her hate me.

    • Who cares if she hates you. You have to do what best for you. You'll know when its time to move on when you've accepted the situation for what it is and you don't want to run around in circles anymore.

  • Seems very weird of her... maybe right now she doesn't want a relationship just a friend or she's still trying to get used to the whole not being together thing


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