Crush on a guy for some time already?

Hi I have a crush on this guy for sometime already. N I liked him a lot but I don't think that things will happen between us because of the major differences n that's why I've never planned to tell him. Also we had a few misunderstandings which made me really sad, as I wish that one day I will be able to clarify them..
Sometimes whn I see him with prettier, smarter girls, I get quite sad, but I will still smile at him. I'm never jealous since I know that I won't be good enough for him, but to be really honest, when I see him hanging out with them, I feel really sad. But I'm planning to keep my feelins to myself. Because I really think that he deserved better.

However, as for my emotional development, I feel like I have many things left unsaid I wish one day I could just tell him eveything I wanted to say tk him, but I just can't. Not so much of the crush part but on the misunderstandings part. So I'm keeping up eveything inside and it makes me sad. Help?


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  • vent it on here, that might help. just vent.


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  • Alright girl first I want you to know I'm an aggressive person when I'm passionate so don't take to much offense for what I say next.

    I want you to find a mirror, look yourself deep in the eye and then slap yourself. Then tell yourself that you are beautiful, your are amazing, you can change the world if you want to! You are a strong, young women who has a fantastic, unique personality! You are too deserving of this crush (if you still have a crush on him) so never tell yourself that your not good enough.

    Now that we have that out of the way lest focus on your problem to help fix what is unresolved. You are just lacking the confidence to talk to him. Are you still in front of the mirror? Don't worry I won't have you slap yourself. I just want you to look yourself in the eyes and ask yourself. Is it worth it? Do I want to move on and tell him the things that need to be said? Or do I just want it to disappear? Would it be better to never say anything or would I find joy in saying it?

    I know saying things to the people you think matter is scary. You get butterflies and sweaty palms and it's hard to think straight. But you just need to know that you're not alone. There are people there where you live that can help you if you just look. When you see him with a girl you think is "prettier" than you, ignore them. Take a deep breath, and focus on what you want to do. Because once it's said what's need to be said, you'll feel much better and things will change. Whether they change for the good or for the bad is unknown. But do you think it's worth the risk?

    I with you luck stranger.