Me and my best friend like the same boy, BUT he likes me. I dont want to lose a friend!?

my best friend has liked this boy on and off for ages and she has been really upset over him in the past. recently the school went on a school trip for a week to devon and we were flirting LOADS. by the way he flirts with everyone so i wasn't really surprised that he was flirting with me. towards the end of the week his friend told me that this guy fancys me. (at this point i didn't fancy him at all) i laughed it off and didn't think much of it. then one evening he tried to kiss me. i backed away because my bff was near and i knew tht she likes him. since devon me and him have been talking loads and I've really started to like him. he has been really understanding as to my previous relationship where my bf ran off and had sex with my bff (a different best friend). obviously i had a few issues as to who i could trust and he was really understanding of that. he floods me with compliments and we never run out of things to say we have even arranged a movie night. BUT today i was at my bffs house and she said "every time you two flirt it makes my heart brake" i comforted her. then she said "if you two went out i wouldn't talk to you because i would get too jealous."
also another friend told me that if i went out with him i wouldn't see her because she's with her boyfriend at break and i would be with him at lunch and she wouldn't come and sit with us because she doesn't like him.
now its really awkward between me and my bff that likes him because he likes me. i dont know what to do!!! help!


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  • Ditch the guy.
    Why? I highly doubt he fancies you. Flirts with everyone? I don't trust his mate either.
    It isn't worth losing two asshole friends.
    "I won't be friends with you if you still my crush whaaa"
    "I don't like him and I don't give a shit that you are my best friend".
    Or you can lose the two immature girls and get new friends.

  • Decide what's more important, this one guy right now- you're under 18 so I'm gonna say it's not going to last- or your best friend who probably means much more to you. You shouldn't let a guy come between your good friends. But if you decide to stick with the guy, make your friend understand you aren't trying to hurt her.