If a girl said this to you how would you react?

If a girl your seeing tells you your no fun anymore how would you take it? Would you try to prove her wrong?


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  • I would take her by the the hand and say `girl you have 20 mins to get ready` and then I will impravise to take her places and treate her to some good quality clothes etc... then I will take her to dinner acting as happy as ever! Then I will give her the time of her life in bed or on the ground, wall etc... wherever she preferes it :D. And after all that crazyness I would ask her `am I boring now?`


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  • no I would ask her what she means exactly. and depending on her answer I would either call it quits or try to work things out (maybe)

    • yeah, that sounds fair enough. Don't think it would happen tho

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